Apple Monkey Banana Sauce Mashed宝宝香蕉果泥

Apple Monkey Banana Sauce Mashed宝宝香蕉果泥


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Fruit-vegetable-lead recipes which provide savory tastes and nutrients. We use Organic Thai Namwa Banana (EU standard) as a base of the recipes. This banana has a natural sweetness and is usually mashed for Baby first food since Thai ancient time. This perfect puree comes in a convenient pouch with sprout which make it easy for parent to feed their baby.

Features :
✅ All Natural
✅ No Sugar Added
✅ No Colors or Flavors
✅ No Preservatives
✅ Suitable for Vegetarians

Ingredients :
Mango & Passion Fruit – Banana 51.36% | Mango 38.64% | Passion Fruit Juice 10.00%
Strawberry & Sweet Potato – Banana 52.26% | Strawberry 31.02% | Sweet Potato 16.72%

To Serve :
May be served in room temperature or cool. To warm, put the pouch upright in a bowl of hot water. Do not microwave the pouch.

Safety Advise :
Warning! Cap could be choking hazard. Do not serve, if the pouch is damaged or inflated.

Storage Conditions :
Store in a cool dry place. Once open, replace the cap, keep refrigerated and consume within 24 hours.

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Dimensions 3.00 × 3.00 × 3.00 cm

MangoPassion, StrawberryPotato


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