Little Freddie Organic Fruit Puree/Pouches小皮宝宝有机水果泥

Little Freddie Organic Fruit Puree/Pouches小皮宝宝有机水果泥


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🍓 Strawberries, Bananas & Apples
Crisp apple, naturally sweet strawberries and mellow banana come together in this delightfully creamy creation. It’s a perfect first taste for your baby, full of ingredients containing Vitamin C and dietary fiber.

🍎 Prunes & Apples
Prunes are ideal for keeping your baby regular and bring a rich caramel flavor to this blend, which is offset by crisp, mellow apples.

🍑 Peaches & Raspberries
Juicy sweet peaches are balanced with fragrant raspberries, bringing a pleasant sweet-sour flavor to the mix. It’s made with ingredients high in Vitamin C and fiber and is a great introduction to delicate fruit flavors for your baby.

🥝 Kiwis, Bananas & Pears
This aromatic and zesty recipe is a great introduction to tangy kiwi for your baby. The vibrant kiwi is balanced with delicate earthy pear, crisp sweet apple and mellow banana for a refreshing flavor. Kiwi is a powerhouse of nutrients and vitamins and is a great source of fiber

🍓Strawberries, Blueberries & Oats Both powerful antioxidants, strawberries and blueberries bring a host of benefits to this smooth blend along with a natural sweetness. Mellow banana makes it delightfully creamy and organic oats give it an underlying earthiness. This classic recipe is perfect for breakfast.

🥭Mighty Mango Smoothie
Made with only the very best Alphonso mangos, famous for their unique taste, fragrance and superior quality, this vibrant blend is perfect fed straight from the pouch or will brighten up breakfast time with just a few healthy dollops on top of their usual breakfast.

🍓Strawberry Smash Smoothie
This strawberry smoothie has 30% less sugar than the leading brand, without compromising on taste.
Fertile soils, fresh Atlantic air and copious amounts of sunshine come together to create the perfect growing conditions for our juicy strawberries and delicate raspberries in Andalusia, Southern Spain to create this berry delicious recipe.
We’ve added some coconut water for a burst of refreshment and creamy banana for a source of potassium, but never add sugar or artificial ingredients.

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