Woxiaoya Weekly Cheese Noodles窝小芽一周奶酪面-exp5/23

Woxiaoya Weekly Cheese Noodles窝小芽一周奶酪面-exp5/23


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产品品牌 : 窝小芽
产品名称 : 一周奶酪面
适用范围 : 8个月以上宝宝
产品重量 : 175g (7x25g)
保 质 期 : 12个月,独立包装
储存方法 : 通风, 阴凉干燥处,开封后请尽快食用

重新定义宝宝面条~ 窝小芽婴幼儿一周奶酪面, 根据婴儿的标准高钙高蛋白质一周不重复。
融入了奶酪重新定义宝宝面条, 将原制奶酪粉融入到传统主食中, 中西营养合璧, 让宝宝轻松吃奶酪 get 蛋白质和钙质。窝小芽用更高的标准满足宝宝的蛋白质和钙。宝宝各阶段的需求量是不同的, 所以妈咪需要在宝宝不同的阶段加入适当的营养给与宝宝, 就如强化钙铁锌为成长添动力。为了宝宝可以吸收更全面的营养奶酪面里头有9种食材,荤素搭配连小麦都是精选高品质澳洲小麦作为原料, 麦香浓郁让宝宝安心吃。 再来是丹麦进口的奶酪, 使用原制奶酪粉,进口乳清蛋白,品质更放心。窝小芽使用真空技术低温干燥, 锁住每根面条の营养。 多种口味激发宝宝的食欲, 细长面条造型锻炼咀嚼 ( 10-12cm)的标准长度适合宝宝吞咽。

第二天 (紫薯)
第三天 (西兰花)
第四天 (蛋黄南瓜)
第五天 (芝麻核桃)
第六天 (火龙果)
第七天 (燕麦)

√ 月龄 8-9 : 30g/ 餐
√ 月龄10+ : 40g/ 餐

√ 0添加:防腐剂,色素,添加剂

√ 取适量奶酪面放入沸水中, 轻轻搅拌。
√ 煮 3-5 分钟后, 把火力减弱至口感适度即可。
√ 可根据个人需求, 适量添加菜泥,鱼肉泥或鸡蛋等。

Brand : Wo Xiao Ya
Product : Weekly Cheese Noodles
Suitable : 8 months and above
Net Content : 175个(7x25g)
Shelf Life : 12months
Storage Method : Store in a cool, ventilated, dry place, sealed and stored

【Weekly Cheese Noodles】
Redefining baby noodles ~ WoXiaoYa Weekly Cheese Noodles, according to the baby's standards, high calcium and high protein. Incorporating cheese to redefine baby noodles, combining original cheese powder into traditional food, combining Chinese and Western nutrition, allowing babies to easily eat cheese to get protein and calcium. WoXiaoYa meet the baby's protein and calcium with higher standards. The baby's needs at each stage are different, so parents need to add proper nutrition to the baby at different stages of the baby, just like fortifying calcium, iron and zinc to add motivation to growth. In order for the baby to absorb more comprehensive nutrition, there are 9 ingredients in the cheese noodles. Even the wheat is selected high-quality Australian wheat as the raw material. The rich aroma of wheat makes the baby feel at ease to eat. Next is the cheese imported from Denmark, which uses original cheese powder and imported whey protein, so the quality is more assured. WoXiaoYa used vacuum technology to dry at low temperature to lock in the nutrients of each noodle. A variety of flavors stimulate the baby's appetite, and the standard length of slender noodles for exercise chewing (10-12cm) is suitable for baby to swallow.

【Weekly Menu】
Day 1 (Original)
Day 2 (Sweet Potato)
Day 3 (Broccoli)
Day 4 (Pumpkin with Egg yolk)
Day 5 (Walnut Sesame)
Day 6 (Dragon Fruit)
Day 7 (WholeGrain)

【Suggested consumption】
√ 8-9 months : 30g/ meal
√ 10+ months : 40g/ meal
**The specific consumption can be adjusted according to the actual situation of the babies.

【Cooking Instruction】
√ Put an appropriate amount of cheese noodles into boiling water and stir gently.
√ After simmering for 3-5 minutes, reduce the heat to a moderate taste.
√ According to personal needs, add vegetable puree, fish puree or eggs in an appropriate amount

Additional Information

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 5.00 × 5.00 × 5.00 cm



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