Woxiaoya Tomato Sauce窝小芽婴幼儿番茄酱

Woxiaoya Tomato Sauce窝小芽婴幼儿番茄酱


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几乎没有一位宝宝是不喜欢番茄酱的, 窝小芽的婴幼儿番茄酱可以与意大利面,披萨等主食搭配。也可以与高汤或牛奶混合成滋养糖。它同时也是肉丸,面包的增味剂,还可以用塔作为单独的冷食蘸酱。也可以当做果泥食用。

√ 新疆阳光番茄+3种水果制
√ 4层锁鲜+巴氏灭菌+全自动灌装
√ 蘑菇头旋转盖,好拧开防吞咽
√ 独立小袋装,卫生便携好储存

√ 不添加糖
√ 不添加盐
√ 不添加水
√ 不添加油
√ 不添加香精
√ 不添加色素
√ 不添加防腐剂
√ 不添加调味剂


【Baby Ketchup】
No baby doesn't like ketchup, and baby ketchup can be paired with staples such as pasta and pizza. It can also be mixed with stock or milk to make nourishing sugars. It is also a meatball, a flavor enhancer for bread, and can also be used as a separate cold dipping sauce. It can also be eaten as a fruit puree.

【Point of Baby Ketchup】
√ Xinjiang sunshine tomato + 3 kinds of fruit
√ 4 layers of lock fresh + pasteurization + automatic filling
√ The mushroom head rotates the lid so that it can be unscrewed to prevent swallowing
√ Individual small bags, hygienic and portable storage

Tomato sauce, apple juice concentrate, white grape juice, lemon juice concentrate

【No added】
√ No added sugar
√ No added salt
√ No added water
√ No added oil
√ No fragrance added
√ No added coloring
√ No preservatives added
√ No flavoring additives

【Allergy Information】
This product contains milk and dairy products

【Beware Notice】
√ During the consumption process, please keep sitting and do not eat during jumping, walking, and running.
√ Those who do not have the ability to eat completely independently must eat under the supervision of their parents.
√ Do not swallow directly.

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Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 1.00 × 1.00 × 1.00 cm

Tomato Sauce


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