Woxiaoya Strawberry Biscuits窝小芽草莓饼干

Woxiaoya Strawberry Biscuits窝小芽草莓饼干


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窝小芽草莓饼干采用新鲜草莓原浆, 做出草莓口味入口自然香甜,低钠配方健康安全的让宝宝食用。 我们把白砂糖改用天然海藻糖代替, 海藻糖是一种自然糖类甜度约为蔗糖的 45%, 甜度低在口腔不分解, 不会引起蛀牙哦!
草莓饼干的食材是精选优质好比马铃薯是采用来自法国进口的薄皮马铃薯营养成分丰富, 口感细腻。
草莓饼干拥有萌趣的草莓造型高颜值可激发宝宝无限的想象力, 搭配独立包装,方便携带。

小麦粉,食用马铃薯淀粉,草莓原浆(少于18%), 海藻糖, 植物油, 鸡蛋, 低聚果糖,黄油,全脂乳粉,黑芝麻

含有小麦, 鸡蛋及奶类制品


除了可以开封直接享用之外, 还可以用温奶或温水泡至溶化, 用小勺捞食或搅拌成糊状食用。

【Strawberry Biscuits】
WoXiaoYa Strawberry Biscuit uses fresh strawberry puree to make the strawberry taste natural and sweet, and the low-sodium formula is healthy and safe for babies to eat. We replaced the white granulated sugar with natural Trehalose. Trehalose is a natural sugar with a sweetness of about 45% of that of sucrose. It has a low sweetness and does not decompose in the mouth and will not cause tooth decay!
The ingredients of strawberry biscuits are selected and high-quality, for example, potatoes are made of thin-skinned potatoes imported from France, which are rich in nutrients and have a delicate taste.
Strawberry biscuits have a cute and interesting strawberry shape and high appearance value, which can stimulate the unlimited imagination of the baby. With independent packaging, it is convenient to carry.

Wheat flour, edible potato starch, strawberry puree (less than 18%), trehalose, vegetable oil, egg, oligofructose, butter, whole milk powder, black sesame

【No added】
No Salt
No White Granulated Sugar

√ Contains wheat, eggs and dairy products

【How to eat】
In addition to being eaten directly after opening, it can also be soaked in warm milk or warm water until it is melted, and eaten with a small spoon or stirred into a paste.

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