Woxiaoya Star Puff 窝小芽星星泡芙 6m+

Woxiaoya Star Puff 窝小芽星星泡芙 6m+


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【Baby Little Star Puff】
WoXiaoYa Baby Little Star Puff Infant Formula, with high calcium nutrition and cute star shape. It is a “snack” specially designed for babies.
√ No sucrose, care for your baby’s oral health.
√ The taste is crispy, with moderate hardness and enlightenment for chewing.
√ High calcium, containing vitamin B1 to add motivation to growth.
√ Strictly selected high-quality organic germ rice
√ Non-fried technology (advanced extrusion technology, crispy taste, easy to melt in the mouth)
√ The size of 1.5cm is fine, the small star shape is easy to grasp.
√ Individually packaged, portable and hygienic, not easy to change from moisture

Banana flavor : rice, corn flour, banana flour (≥8%), coconut oil, calcium carbonate, vitamin B1, vitamin C
Cheese flavor : rice, corn flour, coconut oil, cheese powder (≥3%), calcium carbonate, vitamin B1, vitamin C

【Suggested consumption】
√ Wash your hands before eating, grab and open the bag for consumption.
√ Soak in warm milk or warm water until melted, use a small spoon to eat or stir into a paste to eat,
√ 6g each time (1 pack), adjust the amount according to the baby’s consumption.
(Recommended consumption is for reference only)

【during production process】
No Salt
No Preservatives
No White Granulated Sugar

【Beware Notice】
√ Do not have the ability to eat completely autonomously and must be eaten under parental supervision
√ When eating, you must maintain a sitting posture and eat quietly. Avoid lying.
√ It is recommended to drink water during or after eating to help digestion.
√ This product is damp, please consume it as soon as possible after opening.

窝小芽婴幼儿星星泡芙婴幼儿配方,营养高钙,萌趣的星星造型。是款专为宝宝设计的 “零食”。
√ 无蔗糖,呵护宝宝口腔健康。
√ 口感酥脆,软硬适中启蒙咀嚼。
√ 高钙,含有维生素B1 为成长添动力。
√ 严选优质有机胚芽米
√ 非油炸工艺 (先进挤压膨化技术,口感酥脆,入口易溶)
√ 1.5cm 的大小精细 , 小巧星星造型易抓握。
√ 独立包装,便携卫生,不易潮变


√ 不添加白砂糖
√ 不添加食盐
√ 不添加防腐剂

香蕉味 : 大米,玉米粉,香蕉粉(≥8%),椰子油,碳酸钙,维生素B1,维生素C
芝士味 : 大米,玉米粉,椰子油,芝士粉(≥3%),碳酸钙,维生素B1,维生素C

√ 食用前清洗双手,抓取开袋食用。
√ 用温奶或温水泡至融化,用小勺捞食或搅拌成糊状食用,
√ 每次 6g (1包),根据宝宝食用情况适量调整。

√ 不具备完全自主进食能力,须在家长监护下食用
√ 食用时必须保持坐立姿势,安静食用。避免仰卧或趴卧食用。
√ 建议食用过程中或食用后适当饮水,以帮助消化。
√ 本品易潮,开封后请尽快食用。

Additional Information

Weight 0.20 kg
Dimensions 1.00 × 1.00 × 1.00 cm

Cheese芝士, Banana香蕉


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