Woxiaoya Small Soft Cake窝小芽高钙奶香小软饼

Woxiaoya Small Soft Cake窝小芽高钙奶香小软饼


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窝小芽高钙奶香小软饼是含高钙+维生素D 的阳光成长组合唷~~ !妈咪们科普时间到咯~ 维生素D可以促进宝宝的钙的吸收, 有助于骨骼的形成与牙齿的健康… ~~ 妈咪们 Get 到了吗?
来来~~ 告诉你们小软饼的厉害之处呗!!
√ 2.6倍的牛奶钙含量
√ 纽西兰全脂奶粉(奶香浓郁纯正,口感香醇)
√ 配方干净, 采用健康的稻米油
√ 非油炸非膨化 ,发酵工艺松软可口
√ 6种萌趣造型(寓教于乐,吸引小朋友兴趣)
√ 独立包装,便携卫生,不易潮变
√ 两种吃法 (开袋即食 、牛奶冲泡)

√ 不添加蔗糖
√ 不添加香精
√ 不添加防腐剂

小麦粉、果葡萄浆、植物油、全脂奶粉6%、酸酸钙、维生素D3(胆钙化醇)、碳酸氨铵、食品加工用酵母、碳酸氨钠、 B胡萝卜素

√ 开袋即食,营养方便
√ 牛奶冲泡,奶味加倍
√ 食用前清洗双手,抓取开袋食用。

√ 不具备完全自主进食能力,须在家长监护下食用
√ 食用时必须保持坐立姿势,安静食用。避免仰卧或趴卧食用。
√ 建议食用过程中或食用后适当饮水,以帮助消化。

【Small Soft Cake】
WoXiaoYa Small Soft Cake is a sunshine growth combination containing high calcium + vitamin D~~! It’s time for popular science, mommy~ Vitamin D can promote the absorption of calcium in babies, which is helpful for the formation of bones and the health of teeth… ~~ Mommy, Get it yet?

Come on~~ Let me tell you the awesomeness of the little soft cakes! !
√ 2.6 times the calcium content of milk
√ New Zealand whole milk powder (rich and pure milk fragrance, mellow taste)
√ Clean formula with healthy rice oil
√ Non-fried and non-puffed, the fermentation process is soft and delicious
√ 6 kinds of cute and interesting shapes (educational and entertaining, attracting children’s interest)
√ Individually packaged, portable and hygienic, not easy to get wet
√ Two ways to eat (open the bag and brew with milk)

Wheat Flour, Grape Puree, Vegetable Oil, Whole Milk Powder 6%, Calcium Oxide, Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol), Ammonium Bicarbonate, Yeast for Food Processing, Sodium Bicarbonate, B-Carotene

【No Added】
√ No added sucrose
√ No fragrance added
√ No preservatives added

【Suggested consumption】
√ Ready-to-eat right out of the bag, nutritious and convenient
√ Milk brewing, double the milk flavor
√ Wash your hands before eating, grab and open the bag to eat.

【Gentle Reminder】
√ Do not have the ability to eat independently and must be supervised by parents
√ When eating, you must maintain a sitting posture and eat quietly. Avoid eating on your back or stomach.
√ It is recommended to drink appropriate water during or after eating to help digestion.

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