Woxiaoya Sesame Seaweed Bibimbap窝小芽芝麻海苔拌饭料

Woxiaoya Sesame Seaweed Bibimbap窝小芽芝麻海苔拌饭料


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√ 优选食材,蒲霞紫菜+多哥白芝麻
√ 少于1.2% 盐糖添加** , 品尝海苔原味(少于1.2% 盐、糖添加是指食用葡萄糖的添加量为1%, 食用盐的添加为0.15%)
√ 按压密封条设计, 随用随取好保存
√ 高铁、高钙、高锌,助力强健成长
√ 不添加味精、香精、色素、防腐剂

√ 开袋即食
√ 可搭配面条,米粉,粥米

【Sesame Seaweed Bibimbap】
WoXiaoya Sesame Seaweed Bibimbap. The taste comes from crisp dried seaweed and plump white sesame seeds. Every bite is with crispy satisfaction.
√ Preferred ingredients, Puxia seaweed + Togo white sesame
√ Less than 1.2% salt and sugar added**, taste the original seaweed flavor (less than 1.2% salt and sugar added means that the added amount of edible glucose is 1%, and the addition of edible salt is 0.15%)
√ Press the sealing strip design, take it as you use it and save it
√ High iron, high calcium, high zinc, help strong growth
√ No MSG, flavor, coloring, preservatives added

【Direction to consume】
√ Ready-to-eat
√ Can be paired with noodles, rice noodles, porridge rice

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