Woxiaoya Seaweed Sesame Crisps窝小芽芝麻夹心海苔

Woxiaoya Seaweed Sesame Crisps窝小芽芝麻夹心海苔


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√ 窝小芽芝麻夹心海苔优选头水条斑紫菜,头水紫菜一年可以进行多次收割而刚开始收割的头水紫菜比较珍稀, 口感鲜
√ 紫菜夹心海苔剪裁齐,工艺细 ( 4.5cm * 3.3cm 的大小)抓取方便,一口一个。
√ 采用传统慢烘焙工艺拒绝过度加工保留海苔的原香。
√ 窝小芽使用了部分海藻糖代替了白砂糖, 海藻糖是一种自然糖类, 甜度约为蔗糖的45%, 甜度低在口腔不分解,不
会引 起蛀牙。



【Seaweed Sesame Crisps】
√ WoXiaoYa Seaweed Sesame Crisps is preferred to Premier Laver Seaweed , Laver Seaweed can be harvested multiple times a year, and Premier Laver Seaweed that has just been harvested is relatively rare and has a fresh taste.
√ WoXiaoYa Seaweed Sesame Crisps with well cut shape, and the craftsmanship is fine (4.5cm * 3.3cm size), which is easy to grip, one bite at a time.
√ Traditional slow baking process to refuse over-processing and retain the original fragrance of seaweed.
√ WoXiaoYa uses part of trehalose instead of white sugar. Trehalose is a natural sugar with a sweetness of about 45% of that of sucrose. The sweetness is low and does not decompose in the mouth. It can cause tooth decay.

Porphyra yezoensis, sesame seeds, maltose, edible glucose, trehalose

【No added】
No Salt
No flavor enhancer
No preservatives

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Seaweed Sesame


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