Woxiaoya Salmon Shrimp Slice窝小芽三文鱼虾片

Woxiaoya Salmon Shrimp Slice窝小芽三文鱼虾片


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√每100g 虾片,钠含量降低 150mg. (钠含量降低可以帮助宝宝更好控制钠摄入量。口味清淡,不给宝宝肾脏增加多余的负担,适合宝宝食用。




【Salmon Shrimp Slice】
√WoXiaoYa salmon shrimp fillets are added using real shrimp kernels, without shrimp meal, shrimp shells, scraps, and do not use flavors to make "fake shrimp flavor". The shrimp are removed in advance, shelled, and shrimped, and the ingredients are cleaner.

√Imports of Chilean salmon (30%), Penaeus vannamei (25%).
√WoXiaoYa salmon shrimp fillet: at the same time, salmon and shrimp are added to match two kinds of aquatic products to provide more diversified nutrition and richer taste level of shrimp slices.
√For every 100g of shrimp flakes, the sodium content is reduced by 150mg. (Lower sodium levels can help your baby better control their sodium intake.) The taste is light, does not add excess burden to the baby's kidneys, and is suitable for the baby to eat.
√non-fried, no preservatives, healthier

Starch, salmon (30%), shrimp (25%), vegetable oil, rock sugar, brewed soy sauce
**Starch: Use tapioca starch for shrimp flake forming, gluten allergy babies can also eat.

【Allergy is indicated】
Ingredients contain fish and their products (salmon meat), crustaceans and their products (shrimp), soy products (soy sauce)

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Salmon Shirmp三文鱼虾片


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