Woxiaoya Milk Crisp窝小芽鲜奶云朵酥

Woxiaoya Milk Crisp窝小芽鲜奶云朵酥


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√ 丹麦进口的乳清粉
√ 海藻糖(是一种自然的糖类,甜度约为蔗糖的45%,甜度低在口腔不分解,不会引起蛀牙)
√ 高蛋白,入口即化,奶香浓郁
√ 低温烘烤,拒绝油炸
√ 一次一条,小巧体积,可以锻炼宝宝的抓握能力


√ 不添加白糖
√ 不添加色素
√ 不添加香精


√ 开袋即食,口感香软绵密,美味随心享。
√ 食用前请洗净双手,让宝宝自己抓取,慢慢食用。
√ 每日不超过 25g, 根据宝宝状况,适量食用。

√ 不具备完全自主进食能力者,须在家长监护下食用。
√ 食用时必须保持坐立姿势,安静食用。避免仰卧或趴卧食用,以免被噎。
√ 建议食用过程中及食用后适当饮水,以帮助消化

【Milky Crisp】
WoXiaoYa uses fresh milk with rich milk aroma + natural fluffy protein powder to create a delicate and dense, crispy and cloudy taste, which melts in the mouth.
√ Whey powder imported from Denmark
√ Trehalose (is a natural sugar, the sweetness is about 45% of sucrose, the sweetness is low in the mouth does not decompose, does not cause tooth decay)
√ High protein, melts in the mouth and has a rich milk aroma
√ Bake at low temperatures and refuse to fry
√ one at a time, small in size, can exercise the baby’s grasping ability

Pasteurized milk (raw milk), trehalose, anhydrous cream, rice flour, protein powder (egg white), wheat flour, whey powder, skimmed milk powder, carrot juice (3%)

【No added】
√ No added sugar
√ No added coloring
√ No added fragrance

【Allergy Information】
This product contains gluten cereal, dairy, egg product ingredients

【Suggested consumption】
√ is ready to eat out of the bag, the taste is soft and dense, and the taste is enjoyable.
√ Wash your hands before eating, let your baby grab it on his own, and eat slowly.
√ do not exceed 25g per day, depending on your baby’s condition.

【Beware Notice】
√ Those who do not have the ability to eat completely independently must eat under the supervision of their parents.
√ When eating, it must be eaten in a sitting position and eat quietly. Avoid eating on your back or on your stomach to
avoid choking.
√ It is recommended to drink water appropriately during and after consumption to aid digestion.

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Weight 0.20 kg
Dimensions 2.00 × 2.00 × 2.00 cm



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