Woxiaoya High Calcium Milk Stick窝小芽高钙牛乳棒

Woxiaoya High Calcium Milk Stick窝小芽高钙牛乳棒


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√ 93% 新西兰进口乳粉
√ 高钙,高蛋白
√ 0 蔗糖,不甜腻减少龋齿的发生率
√ 吮着吃奶香持久,嚼着吃奶味爆炸

√ 82% 新西兰全脂乳粉
√ 高钙,高蛋白
√ 不加蔗糖,木糖醇代替,对小牙齿更友好
√ 0 蔗糖,不甜腻减少龋齿的发生率
√ 添加10%的冻干草莓粉,酸甜草莓小嘴更爱吃
√ 约7倍牛奶钙,6倍牛奶蛋白*
√ 先吮吸软硬适中不粘牙,先咀嚼享受奶味大爆炸
√ 可爱小草莓造型,趣味多多 萌眼萌心
√ 安全纸棒,不留隐患

√ 加入冻干水蜜桃果粒,好吃不腻,叠加清爽蜜桃粉,散发香甜蜜桃味~~
√ 高钙,高蛋白
√ 81% 双重乳粉,奶香浓郁不腻。(新西兰全脂乳粉+酸奶粉)
√ 迷你 ”雪糕“造型可爱.. 小朋友爱不释手~
√ 纸棒代替塑料棒,安心食用,不易戳伤。
√ 吮着吃奶香持久,嚼着吃奶味爆炸


√ 不添加奶精
√ 不添加蔗糖
√ 不添加防腐剂
√ 不添加香精


√ 食用过程种请保持坐姿切勿在跳跃,行走以及奔跑中食用。
√ 不具备完全自主进食能力者,须在家长监护下食用。
√ 请不要直接吞食。.

【Point of High Calcium Milky Lollipops】
√ 93% of new Zealand imported milk powder
√ High calcium, high protein
√ 0 sucrose, not sweet and reduces the incidence of caries
√ Sucked and ate the milk for a long time, and the taste of chewing milk exploded

【Point of High Calcium Strawberry Milky Lollipops】
√ 82% New Zealand whole milk powder
√ High calcium, high protein
√ No sucrose, xylitol instead, more friendly to small teeth
√ 0 sucrose, not sweet and greasy to reduce the incidence of dental caries
√ Add 10% freeze-dried strawberry

【Point of High Calcium Peach Milky Lollipops】
√ Add freeze-dried peach fruit, delicious and not greasy, superimposed with refreshing peach powder, exudes a sweet peach flavor~~
√ High calcium, high protein
√ 81% double milk powder, rich and not greasy milk. (New Zealand whole milk powder + yogurt powder)
√ The mini "ice cream" has a cute shape.. Children will love it~
√ Paper sticks instead of plastic sticks, safe to eat, not easy to stab wounds.
√ The fragrance of sucking milk lasts for a long time, and the taste of milk explodes when chewing

Original Milk Stick—-Whole milk powder (≥93%), xylitol, bovine colostrum powder, DHA algal oil
Strawberry Milk Stick—-Whole milk powder, strawberry powder, xylitol, oligofructose, probiotic powder (≥0.05%) (Bifidobacterium animalis, Bifidobacterium lactis, Lactobacillus rhamnosus)
Peach Milk Stick—-Whole milk powder, peach powder (≥10%), xylitol, yogurt powder (modified fermented milk powder), dragon fruit powder, freeze-dried peach fruit

【No added】
No Creamer
No Cane Sugar
No Preservatives
No Essence

【Allergy Information】
This product contains milk and dairy products

【Beware Notice】
√ During the consumption process, please keep sitting and do not eat during jumping, walking, and running.
√ Those who do not have the ability to eat completely independently must eat under the supervision of their parents.
√ Do not swallow directly.

Additional Information

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 1.00 × 1.00 × 1.00 cm

MilkStick高钙牛乳, Strawberry草莓高钙牛乳, Peach水蜜桃高钙牛乳


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