Woxiaoya Hawthorn Stick 窝小芽山楂棒

Woxiaoya Hawthorn Stick 窝小芽山楂棒


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√  营养丰富,酸甜比列俱佳。
√  原果打浆,成品甜不成酸,酸不碜牙
√  配料干净,还原山楂好味道,吃着更放心。
√  独立包装,携带方便,干净卫生。

√  不添加麦芽糖
√  不添加山梨酸
√  不添加胭脂红
√  不添加甜蜜素
√  不添加防腐剂
√  不添加香精
√  不添加色素


√  食用过程种请保持坐姿切勿在跳跃,行走以及奔跑中食用。√  不具备完全自主进食能力者,须在家长监护下食用。

【Hawthorn Stick】
he small Haw Lollipops has a dense and delicate taste, soft and sticky.

√ is rich in nutrients, and the sweetness and sourness are excellent.
√ the original fruit pulp, the finished product is sweet and not sour, and the acid does not stain the teeth
√ The ingredients are clean, the hawthorn taste is restored, and it is more reassuring to eat.
√ Individually packed, easy to carry, clean and hygienic.

Hawthorn, white sugar, drinking water

{No added}
√ No added maltose
√ No added sorbic acid
√ No carmine added
√ No added cyclamate
√ No preservatives added
√ No fragrance added
√ No added coloring

【Beware Notice】
√ During the consumption process, please keep sitting and do not eat during jumping, walking, and running.
√ Those who do not have the ability to eat completely independently must eat under the supervision of their parents.

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Dimensions 1.00 × 1.00 × 1.00 cm



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