Woxiaoya Fruit Lollipop窝小芽无糖棒棒糖

Woxiaoya Fruit Lollipop窝小芽无糖棒棒糖


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√  0 糖但甜味还在
√  不易伤牙 (添加90%异麦酮糖醇,甜度为蔗糖一半不产酸和葡聚糖,可减少龋齿的发生率
√  3种口味, 3种营养添加 【 蓝莓、雪梨、水蜜桃 】
√  天然果蔬粉,清甜水果味
√  8.5mm 加厚纸棒,妈妈们更安心
√  7g 一支,好吃不过量, 独立单支装,卫生好分享

√  不添加防腐剂
√  不添加香精
√  不添加色素

√ 水蜜桃味 : 异麦芽酮糖醇、水蜜桃粉、乳酸、益生菌粉(添加量200mg/100g,菌种为鼠李糖杆菌、干酪乳杆菌)、甜 菊糖苷
√ 雪梨味 : 异麦芽酮糖醇、雪梨粉、乳酸、甜菊糖苷、维生素c
√ 蓝莓味 : 异麦芽酮糖醇、蓝莓粉、乳酸、叶黄素酯(100mg/100g)、甜菊糖苷


Childhood is incomplete without snacks, delicious and nutritious is our pursuit~~

**Mothers may be wondering why 0 sugar is still sweet?
WoXiaoya sugar-free lollipop isomalt is the main raw material, the sweetness is about half of that of sucrose, and fruit powder is added to the ingredients, which will combine the sweetness of the fruit, so the lollipop is still sweet~~

【The power of sugar-free lollipops】
√ 0 sugar but still sweet
√ Not easy to damage teeth (Add 90% isomalt, half as sweet as sucrose, without producing acid and glucan, which can reduce the incidence of dental caries
√ 3 flavors, 3 nutritional supplements 【Blueberry, Pear, Peach 】
√ Natural fruit and vegetable powder, sweet and fruity
√ 8.5mm thickened paper stick, mothers are more at ease
√ 7g a piece, delicious but not too much, independent single pack, hygienic and easy to share

√ Peach flavor: isomalt, peach powder, lactic acid, probiotics powder (addition amount 200mg/100g, strains are rhamnosus, Lactobacillus casei), steviol glycosides
√ Pear flavor: isomalt, Sydney powder, lactic acid, steviol glycosides, vitamin c
√ Blueberry flavor: isomalt, blueberry powder, lactic acid, lutein ester (100mg/100g), steviol glycosides

【No added】
√ No preservatives added
√ No fragrance added
√No coloring added

Recommended serving】
WoXiaoya sugar-free lollipops use isomalt as the main raw material. Sugar alcohol is not decomposed by gastric enzymes. Excessive consumption may cause diarrhea. It is recommended to take 1-2 pieces a day.

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Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 1.00 × 1.00 × 1.00 cm

Peach水蜜桃, Blueberry蓝莓, Pear雪梨


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