Woxiaoya Curry Cube窝小芽果蔬咖喱块

Woxiaoya Curry Cube窝小芽果蔬咖喱块


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花式吃法百搭不挑食材, 轻松成就营养好大餐, 拥有经典的咖喱味勾起慢慢的食欲一招解决挑食与偏食。
√ 无辛辣,更醇香
√ 添加6种果蔬粉
√ 更少钠含量
√ 方便百搭
√ 6块定量分割
√ 无防腐剂

1~3岁 : 700mg (相当于3小块咖喱)
3~6岁 : 900mg (相当于4小块咖喱)
**窝小雅果蔬咖喱块钠含量为 1.31g/100g/盒,比市售大多数咖喱块钠含量 (1.74g/100g) 低 25% **


食用植物油,椰子粉,白砂糖,小麦粉,食用盐,咖喱粉 (≥9%),酵母抽提物,南瓜粉,甘蓝粉,胡萝卜粉,番茄粉,紫薯粉

√ 开封后请放在冰箱内存密封保存,并请尽快食用,因天气变化,咖喱表面会有油浮出,属正常现象,请放心食用。

【Baby Curry Cube】
Different type of cooking methods with simple ingredients, easy to achieve a nutritious meal, with a classic curry flavor to arouse the slow appetite of a trick to solve picky eating and partial eating.
√ Not spicy, more mellow
√ Add 6 kinds of fruit and vegetable powder
√ Less sodium
√ 6 blocks quantitatively divided
√ No preservatives

【Sodium intake reference values】
1~3 years old : 700mg (equivalent to 3 small pieces of curry)
3~6 years old : 900mg (equivalent to 4 small pieces of curry)
**Wo Xiaoya fruit and vegetable curry block sodium content is 1.31g/100g/box, which is 25% lower than the sodium content of most commercially available curry blocks (1.74g/100g) **

Edible vegetable oil, coconut flour, sugar, wheat flour, salt, curry powder (≥9%), yeast extract, pumpkin powder, kale powder, carrot powder, tomato powder, purple potato powder

【Allergy Information】
There is no dairy product in the table, but people who have added a little wheat flour and are allergic to gluten products are recommended not to try.

【Beware Notice】
√ After opening, please put it in the refrigerator memory sealed, and please eat as soon as possible, due to weather changes, there will be oil floating out on the surface of the curry, which is a normal phenomenon, please eat with confidence.

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