Woxiaoya Colorful Cereal Ring窝小芽缤纷谷物圈

Woxiaoya Colorful Cereal Ring窝小芽缤纷谷物圈


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谷物类食物含有丰富的碳水化合物,是人体最经济的能量来源也是 B族维生素,矿物质,蛋白质,膳食纤维的重要来源.
窝小芽的缤纷谷物圈嚼着吃,泡着吃都是趣味乐享。 缤纷谷物圈里头包含4种冻干果蔬粒( 苹果,草莓,紫薯,南瓜)同时有谷物圈双重口感,美味翻倍。 搭配香浓牛奶在一分钟就能搞定的营养早餐。



1. 干吃酥脆 (独立包装开袋即食,方便快捷)
2. 冲泡牛奶 ( 香醇可口,营养饱腹)
3. 搭配酸奶 ( 口感丰富,补给小法宝)

【Colourful Cereal Ring】
Cereal are rich in carbohydrates, which are the most economical energy source for the human body and an important source of B vitamins, minerals, protein and dietary fiber.
WoXiaoYa Colorful Cereal Ring are both fun and enjoyable to chew and soak. The colorful grain circle contains 4 kinds of freeze-dried fruit and vegetable grains (apple, strawberry, purple potato, pumpkin) and double taste of the grain at the same time, the deliciousness is doubled. A nutritious breakfast that can be done in one minute with fragrant milk.

Rice flour (21%), corn flour (21%), freeze-dried strawberry (14%), freeze-dried apple (14%), freeze-dried pumpkin (14%), freeze-dried purple potato (14%), Blueberry powder

【No added】
No Salt
No colouring
No preservatives
No essence
No White Granulated Sugar

【How to eat】
1 Crunchy Taste (individually packaged and eaten immediately after opening the bag, convenient and quick)
2. Brewing milk (mellow and delicious, nutritious and full)
3. Match with yogurt (rich taste, replenish small magic weapon)

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Colorful Cereal Ring


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