Woxiaoya Chickpeas Strawberry Puff窝小芽鹰嘴豆草莓泡芙

Woxiaoya Chickpeas Strawberry Puff窝小芽鹰嘴豆草莓泡芙


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窝小芽鹰嘴豆草莓泡芙吃起来有酸甜草莓且清爽不粘腻的口感., 鹰嘴豆草莓泡芙里头不添加人工色素,香精,食盐,蔗糖。只选用天然海藻糖, 再来就是鹰嘴豆中含有植物蛋白,膳食纤维,钙铁锌等多种成份。 所以妈咪可以放心让宝宝食用

大米, 鹰嘴豆(20%), 玉米,植物油,冻干草莓粉(15%), 玉米淀粉, 海藻糖,全脂奶粉

√ 入口易化, 不伤娇嫩牙龈
√ 独立包装, 方便携带
√ 手指形状,锻炼手眼协调

【Chickpeas Strawberry Puff】
WoXiaoYa Chickpeas Strawberry Puffs taste strawberries with sour and sweet, refreshing and non-sticky.
Chickpea Strawberry Puffs do not add artificial colors, flavors, salt, and cane sugar. Only add in natural trehalose , Chickpeas contain vegetable protein, dietary fiber, calcium, iron and zinc.

Rice, chickpeas (20%), corn, vegetable oil, freeze-dried strawberry powder (15%), corn starch, Natural Trehalose, whole milk powder

【No added】
No Salt
No Cane Sugar
No Colouring
No Essence

√ Soft texture and melt in baby mouth
√ Individual Packaging
√ Finger Shape,easy to handle by baby
√ No Frying

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Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 1.00 × 1.00 × 1.00 cm



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