Woxiaoya Baby Yogurt Melt窝小芽两果一蔬溶豆

Woxiaoya Baby Yogurt Melt窝小芽两果一蔬溶豆


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√ 95% 果蔬添加量。
√ 易溶于口,一口一个,吞咽无忧。
√ 采用真空冻干技术, 全面保留食材营养成分。
√ 常温牛奶或水的状态下,溶豆 3-5秒钟即可溶化开,易于吞咽。
√ 造型小巧易拿捏。
√ 独立包装,便携卫生。

√ 不添加白砂糖
√ 不添加香精
√ 不添加人工色素
√ 不添加防腐剂
√ 不添加食盐

黄桃草莓口味 : 黄桃 (≥40%),草莓 (≥40%), 胡萝卜(≥15%),苹果汁
草莓火龙果味 : 草莓(≥40%),菠菜(≥40%),红心火龙果(≥15%),苹果汁

√ 开袋即食,酸酸甜甜,美味随心享用。
√ 添加少量温水,秒变美味果蔬泥。
√ 用水冲泡,搅拌均匀后,就是一杯香甜果汁。

【baby Yogurt Melts】
WoXiaoYa Baby Yogurt Melts contain vitamins + dietary fiber, sweet and sour taste, and rich in nutrients.
√ 95% added amount of fruits and vegetables.
√ Easy to dissolve in the mouth, one mouthful, worry-free swallowing.
√ Vacuum freeze-drying technology is adopted to fully retain the nutrients of food materials.
√ In the state of milk or water at room temperature, the beans can be dissolved in 3-5 seconds, making it easy to
√ The shape is small and easy to handle.
√ Individually packaged, portable and hygienic.

Strawberry Peach Flavor : Yellow Peach (≥40%), Strawberry (≥40%), Carrot (≥15%), Apple Juice
Strawberry dragon fruit flavor : strawberry (≥40%), spinach (≥40%), red dragon fruit (≥15%), apple juice

【Suggested consumption】
√ Eat immediately after opening the bag, with a cruchy taste and deliciousness to enjoy.
√ Wash your hands before eating, grab and open the bag for consumption.
√ 10g each time, the recommended daily amount is no more than 30g, and the specific consumption is adjusted
according to individual conditions.

【during production process】
No Salt
No Essence
No Preservatives
No White Granulated Sugar
No Colouring

【Suggested consumption】
√ Open the bag to eat, sour and sweet, delicious to enjoy.
√ Add a small amount of warm water, it will become delicious fruit and vegetable puree in seconds.
√ Brew with water and stir evenly, it will be a cup of sweet juice.

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Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 3.00 × 3.00 × 3.00 cm

StrawberryDragonfrui, PeachStrawberry


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