Woxiaoya Baby Chicken Curry Sauce窝小芽果蔬鸡肉咖喱酱

Woxiaoya Baby Chicken Curry Sauce窝小芽果蔬鸡肉咖喱酱


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小朋友们都喜欢咖喱的味道,妈妈们也希望在家能给孩子用咖喱做各种美食, 但是,市售的制品辛辣味过重,油脂含量高,钠含量高,还添加了各种为了改善口味咖喱的添加剂。我们在研发这款产品时, 更加注重配料表的成分营养健康,改善掉传统咖喱的辛辣味,添加果蔬和肉类,让普通的咖喱营养跟均衡,口味更适合小朋友。

√  5种果蔬 (苹果,南瓜,番茄,胡萝卜,洋葱)+鸡肉
√  温和不辣
√  减盐,不添加防腐剂,香精,色素
√  德国进口咖喱粉
√  独立锁鲜,便携包装
√  先进工艺全自动杀菌
√  精选优质玉米胚芽油

1~3岁    :
700mg (相当于6袋咖喱酱)
3~6岁    :
900mg (相当于8袋咖喱酱)

**窝小雅果蔬鸡肉咖喱酱的钠含量为 108.9mg/袋,避免过咸口味,只留鲜美健康风味。




√  开封后请放在冰箱内存密封保存,并请尽快食用,因天气变化,咖喱表面会有油浮出,属正常现象,请放心食用。

【Baby Chicken Curry Sauce】
Children love the taste of curry, and mothers also hope to make a variety of dishes for their children at home with curry, but the commercially available products are too spicy, high in oil, high in sodium, and various additives are added to improve the taste of curry. When we develop this product, we pay more attention to the nutritional health of the ingredient
list, improve the spicy taste of traditional curry, add fruits and vegetables
and meat, so that ordinary curry nutrition and balance, taste more suitable for

√ 5 fruits and vegetables (apples, pumpkins, tomatoes, carrots, onions) + chicken
√ Mild and not spicy
√ Salt reduction, no added preservatives, flavors, colors
√ Curry powder imported from Germany
√ Individually locked fresh, portable packaging
√ Advanced technology automatic sterilization
√ Selected premium corn germ oils

Corn germ oil, shallots, carrots, chicken, wheat flour, curry powder, pumpkin, tomato, apple, table salt, water coconut powder

【Sodium intake reference values】
1~3 years old : 700mg (equivalent to 6 bags of curry paste)
3~6 years old : 900mg (equivalent to 8 bags of curry paste)

**The sodium content of WoXiaoya fruit and vegetable chicken curry sauce is 108.9mg/bag, avoiding excessive salty taste and leaving only delicious and healthy flavor.

【Allergy Information】
There is no dairy product in the table, but people who have added a little wheat flour and are allergic to gluten products are recommended not to try.

【How to cook】
It can be cooked alone, or it can be eaten while it is hot on the cooked ingredients, such as rice, noodles and other complementary foods directly accompanied by rice, noodles, or vegetables, seafood, meat, and other foods.

【Beware Notice】
√ After opening, please put it in the refrigerator with sealed, and please eat as soon as possible, due to weather changes, there will be oil floating out on the surface of the curry, which is a normal phenomenon, please eat with confidence.

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