Somama Baby Rice Organic Tri-Color Quinoa苏嫲嫲有机三色藜麦

Somama Baby Rice Organic Tri-Color Quinoa苏嫲嫲有机三色藜麦


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Organic Tricolor Mixed Quinoa
Quinoa is a mixture of organic red quinoa, black quinoa, and white quinoa in a ratio of 1:1:2, which is more nutritious and more balanced. Among them, white quinoa is soft and waxy for digestion, red quinoa has higher fiber content, and black quinoa has higher protein content. Quinoa is an alkaline food with whole grains, complete nutrition and complete protein. Its protein content is equivalent to beef, and its quality is no less than meat-derived protein and milk-derived protein. Quinoa contains a wide variety of amino acids. In addition to the 9 essential amino acids necessary for humans, it also contains many non-essential amino acids, and is rich in mineral elements, as well as a variety of vitamins necessary for the normal metabolism of the human body. It contains no cholesterol, low fat, low sodium, low calories, and low sugar. It is a good news for people with diabetes

Women can eat more tri-color quinoa during pregnancy. It is rich in phospholipids and amino acids, and also contains a lot of folic acid, which can supplement the fetus with rich nutrition, promote the development of the fetal brain, and reduce the occurrence of teratogenesis. At the same time, it is also an alkaline food, which can maintain the acid-base balance of the internal environment of the human body, prevent the appearance of acidic physique, and improve the sub-health state of the human body as soon as possible.

是由有机红藜、黑藜、白藜按照1:1:2的比例混合而成的 藜麦,其营养更丰富、更均衡。其中白藜麦软糯好消化, 红藜麦纤维素较高,黑藜麦蛋白质含量更高。 藜麦是一种全谷全营养完全蛋白碱性食物,其蛋白质含量 与牛肉相当,其品质也不亚于肉源蛋白与奶源蛋白。藜麦 所含氨基酸种类丰富,除了人类必须的9种必须氨基酸,还 含有许多非必须氨基酸,且富含矿物元素,以及多种人体 正常代谢所需要的维生素。它不含胆固醇、低脂、低纳、 低热量、低糖,是糖尿病人的福音

女性在怀孕期间可以多吃一些三色藜麦,它含 有丰富的磷脂和氨基酸,还含有大量的叶酸, 能为胎儿补充丰富营养,促进胎儿大脑的发育, 减少畸胎的发生。同时它也是一款碱性食品, 能维持人体内部环境的酸碱平衡,可防止酸性 体质出现,也能让人体的亚健康状态尽快改善

Producer: Hong Kong Yian Agriculture Co., Ltd.
General distributor: Guangdong Kunhui Agricultural Technology Development Co., Ltd.
Net content: 500g
Shelf life: 18 months in vacuum packaging
Suitable for the crowd: cooking porridge over 16 months / steaming soft rice after 1 year old
Storage method: The storage of organic rice is greatly affected by temperature and humid

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