Somama Baby Organic Mixed Millet Rice(8m+)苏嫲嫲宝宝有机BB苏小米

Somama Baby Organic Mixed Millet Rice(8m+)苏嫲嫲宝宝有机BB苏小米


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Organic Somama (Yellow+Black) Glutinous Millet
Cook porridge over 8 months, cook porridge after 1 year old/cook with rice. From small yellow rice and small black rice with a 1:1 combination, the small yellow rice with soft nutrition is more abundant. Small yellow rice contains a variety of vitamins, protein, fat, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other essential nutrients for the human body. The digestion and absorption rate of calcium, phosphorus and iron in black rice is as high as 97.4%.
Special note: The taste of this rice is average, not smooth. It is recommended to cook it together with Somama Organic BB Germ Rice, which can improve the taste and is a favorite for babies.
8个月以上煮粥,1岁后煮粥/搭配大米煮饭。 由小黄米,小黑米以1:1的组合搭配,营养软单一的小黄米更丰富。小黄米含有多种维生素蛋白质、脂肪、糖类及钙、磷、铁等人体所必需营养。小黑米当中的钙、磷、铁消化吸收率高达97.4%。
特别提示: 这款米的口感一般,不香滑。建议与苏嫲嫲有机BB胚芽米一齐搭配煮,可以提高口感,宝宝爱吃。

Cooking skills
In the process of cooking porridge, stir it every few minutes to prevent sticky bottom. The porridge will become more delicious if the high fire is boiled, and the porridge will become more delicious if it is boiled for a while on a low fire. Add enough water at a time, and the porridge will become thin if you add water in the middle.

熬粥的过程, 每隔几分钟搅拌一次, 防止粘底。大火烧开, 小火多煮一段时间, 粥会变得更加可口。 水一次加够, 中途加水粥会变稀。

监制: 香港宜安农业有限公司
总经销商: 广东坤辉农业技术开发有限公司
适合人群:6个月以上煮粥 / 1岁后蒸软饭
储存方法:有机米存放受温度, 湿度影响较大, 开封后尽快吃完,建议存放在冰箱的保鲜层·

Producer: Hong Kong Yian Agriculture Co., Ltd.
General distributor: Guangdong Kunhui Agricultural Technology Development Co., Ltd.
Net content: 500g
Shelf life: 18 months in vacuum packaging
Suitable for the crowd: cooking porridge over 6 months / steaming soft rice after 1 year old
Storage method: The storage of organic rice is greatly affected by temperature and humidity. Eat it as soon as possible after opening. It is recommended to store it in the fresh-keeping layer of the refrigerator.

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Weight 0.60 kg
Dimensions 4.00 × 4.00 × 4.00 cm



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