Somama Baby Food Organic Mixed 6 Rice Powder婴儿辅食六彩米粉(4个月以上)

Somama Baby Food Organic Mixed 6 Rice Powder婴儿辅食六彩米粉(4个月以上)


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4-6个月 = BB胚芽米 + 6彩米粉
7-9个月 = BB胚芽米 + 小黄米
10-12个月 = BB胚芽米 + 小黄米 + 玉胚仔
13-15个月 = BB胚芽米 + 小黄米 + 杂粮米
16-18个月 = BB胚芽米 +玉胚仔 + 杂粮米
19-20 个月 = BB胚芽米 + 燕麦米 +杂粮米
注: 8个月以上建议没他可以搭配一餐有机面条

监制: 香港宜安农业有限公司
总经销商: 广东坤辉农业技术开发有限公司
适合人群:4个月以上煮粥 / 1岁后蒸软饭
储存方法:有机米存放受温度,湿度影响较大, 开封后尽快吃完,建议存放在冰箱的保鲜层。

Organic Mixed 6 Grain Rice Powder 
Cook the rice paste for 4 months. Make rice cakes over 9 months old. Organic six-color rice includes organic BB rice, black rice, purple rice, red rice, green rice, brown rice, and yellow rice raw flour without adding any other ingredients and heating process, which is more nutritious than single rice flour. Since the rice noodles do
not contain any ingredients, they are all raw rice milled, please do not rinse them directly with boiling water. It should be stirred with cold water before boiling. When rice cakes are cooked, they can be fermented normally, the same way as rice noodles.

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Dimensions 4.00 × 4.00 × 4.00 cm

Mixed 6 Rice Powder


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