Somama Baby Food Organic Baby Germ Rice 香港苏嫲嫲宝宝有机BB胚芽米

Somama Baby Food Organic Baby Germ Rice 香港苏嫲嫲宝宝有机BB胚芽米


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“苏嫲嫲” 品牌是由香港资深有机食材专家的研发, 种植。 专注从受孕起 – 1 岁至6岁孕婴童的有机主粮, 味港澳的消费者带来 “三无” (无公害大米, 无生长激素,无农药残留) 健康安全食材, 使宝宝们从小就远离食材化学,激素,重金属的污染危害。

按照美国农业部USDA的健康饮食建议, 日常饮食需要包涵五谷, 蔬菜,水果,奶类及蛋白质类五个食物类别, 个食物类别的分量比列可参照, 以达致均衡营养。 另外,每天 45% – 65% 的能量应来自碳水化合物, 而五谷类食物最少一半应属高纤, 全谷五谷类食物。

4-6个月 = BB胚芽米 + 6彩米粉
7-9个月 = BB胚芽米 + 小黄米
10-12个月 = BB胚芽米 + 小黄米 + 玉胚仔
13-15个月 = BB胚芽米 + 小黄米 + 杂粮米
16-18个月 = BB胚芽米 +玉胚仔 + 杂粮米
19-20 个月 = BB胚芽米 + 燕麦米 +杂粮米
注: 8个月以上建议没他可以搭配一餐有机面条

熬粥的过程, 每隔几分钟搅拌一次, 防止粘底。大火烧开, 小火多煮一段时间, 粥会变得更加可口。 水一次加够, 中途加水粥会变稀。

监制: 香港宜安农业有限公司
总经销商: 广东坤辉农业技术开发有限公司
适合人群:6个月以上煮粥 / 1岁后蒸软饭

[Brand Concept】
“So Ma Ma” brand is developed and cultivated by senior organic food experts in Hong Kong. Focus on the organic staple food of pregnant women and babies from 1 to 6 years old from the conception, Wei Hong Kong and Macao consumers bring “three nos” (no pollution rice, no growth hormone, no pesticide residues) healthy and safe ingredients, so that babies can grow up Keep away from the pollution hazards of food chemicals, hormones, and heavy metals.

Nutritionist reminds you
According to the USDA’s healthy dietary recommendations, the daily diet needs to include five food categories: grains, vegetables, fruits, milk and protein. For the proportion of each food category, please refer to for balanced nutrition. In addition, 45%-65% of daily energy should come from carbohydrates, and at least half of the cereal foods should be high-fiber, whole grain cereal foods.

Recommendations for ingredients
7-9 months = BB germ rice + small yellow rice
10-12 months = BB embryo rice + small yellow rice + jade embryo
13-15 pieces = BB germ rice + small yellow rice + miscellaneous grain rice
Note: For more than 8 months, it is recommended that he can match a meal of organic noodles

Cooking tips
During the porridge process, stir every few minutes to prevent sticking to the bottom. Bring the fire to a boil, simmer for a while, and the porridge will become more delicious. Add enough water at one time, and add water congee halfway will become thinner.

Producer: Hong Kong Yi’an Agricultural Co., Ltd.
Distributor: Guangdong Kunhui Agricultural Technology Development Co., Ltd.
Net content: 500g
Shelf life: 18 months in vacuum packaging
Suitable for the crowd: porridge for more than 8 months / steamed soft rice after 1 year old
Storage method: Organic rice storage is greatly affected by temperature and humidity. After opening, eat it as soon as possible. It is recommended to store it in the fresh-keeping layer of the refrigerator.

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