SOMAMA 8M+ Baby Organic Rice Package 苏嫲嫲8个月以上宝宝有机米套餐

SOMAMA 8M+ Baby Organic Rice Package 苏嫲嫲8个月以上宝宝有机米套餐


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Organic BB germ rice
It is specially customized for babies of six months and above, which is different from the ordinary germ rice with full germ on the market. In order to be suitable for younger babies, the selected raw organic rice is mechanically crushed.
Features: The rice has a strong fragrance, smooth in the mouth, easy to cook, and easy to digest. The baby loves to eat more, is easy to digest and absorb, and cares for the baby's stomach. Rinse the rice gently once without soaking. Babies can steam soft rice after 11 months.

Organic BB Yellow Glutinous Millet
Contains a variety of vitamins, protein, fat, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other essential nutrients for the human body, and has the effect of nourishing Qi and stomach. The dietary fiber of millet is low in whole grains, and the taste is more delicate. The first coarse grains that babies come into contact with are none other than millet.
After 6 months, while adding high-iron foods, you can let your baby try soft millet, and let the baby adapt to coarse grains from millet, which is very beneficial to his healthy eating habits in the future. However, millet protein is seriously lacking in lysine. If it can be eaten with other lysine-rich beans or milk, the bioavailability of millet protein will be greatly improved.

Organic jade embryo (480g):
a little grainy. Selected non-GMO organic corn crushed. Suitable for cooking porridge over 8 months old, add after rice after 1 year old. It has the functions of regulating the middle and appetizing stomach, benefiting the lungs and calming the heart, clearing dampness and heat, promoting liver and gallbladder. Contains carbohydrates, protein, fat, carotene. The vitamin content is very high, 5-10 times that of rice and wheat. Can be used with germ rice/small yellow rice for porridge




有机玉胚仔(480克):有点颗粒感。精选非转基因有机玉米打碎。适合8个月以上煮粥,1岁后在米饭后添加。具有调中开胃益肺宁心,清湿热,利肝胆等功能。含有碳水化合物、蛋白质、脂肪、胡萝卜素。维生素含量非常高,是稻米、小麦的5-10倍。 可以胚芽米/小黄米搭配煮粥

监制: 香港宜安农业有限公司
总经销商: 广东坤辉农业技术开发有限公司
适合人群:6个月以上煮粥 / 1岁后蒸软饭

Producer: Hong Kong Yian Agriculture Co., Ltd.
General distributor: Guangdong Kunhui Agricultural Technology Development Co., Ltd.
Net content: 500g
Shelf life: 18 months in vacuum packaging
Suitable for the crowd: cooking porridge over 6 months / steaming soft rice after 1 year old
Storage method: Germ rice contains germ ingredients, which are more susceptible to moisture than conventional rice. Customers are advised to freeze the bag after opening the bag to ensure product quality and safety

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Weight 1.90 kg
Dimensions 4.00 × 4.00 × 4.00 cm

1包胚芽米+1包小黄米+1包玉胚米, 2包胚芽米+1包小黄米+1包玉胚米, 1包胚芽米1包苏小米+1包玉胚米, 2包胚芽米+1包苏小米+1包玉胚米


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