Rivsea Crispy Biscotti Stick台湾禾泱泱婴幼儿棒饼

Rivsea Crispy Biscotti Stick台湾禾泱泱婴幼儿棒饼


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我们相信食物的美好来自于大自然原有的味道, 呵护孩子在大自然食物中获得营养与美味。

配料表: 小麦粉,芝麻,奶酪,棕榈油,全脂乳粉,食用盐,白砂糖,碳酸氢钠(食用小苏打)

致敏物质: 本产品含有麸质的谷物及制品,含乳及乳制品


。 孩子食用时, 必须有家长在旁监护
。孩子进食时, 必须保持坐立姿势,不要躺着,站立或走动。

每天10-3-克, 请根据食用情况作适当调整前。

Every bite is my mother's persistence

We believe that the beauty of food comes from the original taste of nature, and care for children to obtain nutrition and deliciousness from natural food.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, sesame, cheese, palm oil, whole milk powder, edible salt, white sugar, sodium bicarbonate (edible baking soda)

Allergens: This product contains gluten-containing grains and products, including milk and dairy products

Edible methods and recommendations
. Open the bag and eat immediately, wash your hands and hold it directly
. Disassemble into small pieces, add juice or milk to soak softly for consumption
. Spread fruit puree, yogurt or jam will be more nutritious and delicious

Edible attention
. When the child eats, it must be supervised by the parent
. When the child eats, he must maintain a sitting posture, do not lie down, stand or walk around.

Suggested consumption
10-3-grams per day, please make appropriate adjustments according to your consumption.
Brand: RIVSEA / He Yang Yang

Additional Information

Weight 0.20 kg
Dimensions 1.00 × 1.00 × 1.00 cm

Sesame芝麻棒, Cheese芝士


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