Renewallife DdoDdoMam Organic Rice Stick宝宝有机米饼棒

Renewallife DdoDdoMam Organic Rice Stick宝宝有机米饼棒


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DDODDOMAM Organic Rice Stick delights tiny taste buds with a bunch of nutritional goodness. Perfectly sized for little fingers, this healthy organic snack encourages self-feeding and easily dissolves into grins and giggles.

Organic, HACCP and multi-ISO certified

Uses only chemical free grains grown without using chemical pesticides.

Non oil fried – made only with heat and pressure, thus no oil and low in calories.

Additives free (No artificial flavoring, coloring, artificial sweetener and preservatives)

Gluten Free and non-GMO ingredients

Expert and know-how design with best gripping size, yet crunchy and melts in your mouth easily.

Conveniently packed with resealable zip lock bag.

Perfect size to bring along as shopping, dining or traveling snacks.

Mix Vegetables:

Organic rice flour (Korea), Organic carrot powder (Korea), Organic spinach powder (Korea), Sweet pumpkin powder (Korea).


Organic rice flour (Korea), Apple powder (Korea), Banana powder (Korea), Blueberry powder.


Organic rice flour (Korea), Strawberry powder (Korea), Blueberry powder (Korea).

Nutritional Information

• Serving Size : 1 pack (20g)

• Amount per Serving : Calories : 80kcal, Carbohydrate : 17g(5%), Sugars : 0g(0%), Protein : 2g(4%), Fat : 0g(0%), Saturated fat : 0g(0%), Trans fat : 0g(0%), Cholesterol : 0mg(0%), Sodium : 0mg(0%)

• The percentage of daily nutritional fact criteria is 2,000kcal per day may vary depending on the individual’s required

Avoid direct sunlight and high temperature

Additional Information

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 3.00 × 3.00 × 3.00 cm

Vegetables, Berries, Fruits


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