QTMM Vitamin C Luo Han Guo Lollipop 秋田满满维C罗汉果无糖棒棒糖

QTMM Vitamin C Luo Han Guo Lollipop 秋田满满维C罗汉果无糖棒棒糖


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产品品牌 : 秋田满满

产品名称 :维C罗汉果无糖棒棒糖

适用范围 : 12个月以上宝宝

产品重量 :

24g(4g X 6)

保 质 期 : 12个月,独立小包装

储存方法 : 放置于阴凉 ,通风 ,干燥处密封保存。



1.维C罗汉果无糖棒棒糖 – 枇杷梨味

2.维C叶黄素酯无糖棒棒糖 – 蓝莓蔓越莓味

3.维C天然胡萝卜素 – 甜橙苹果味✅0糖配方







Product brand: Akita Manman

Product name: Vitamin C Luo Han Guo Sugar-Free lollipop

Suitable : 12 months and above

Product weight: 24g (4g X 6)

Shelf life: 12 months, individually packaged

Storage method: Store in a cool, ventilated, dry place and seal.

Ingredients list: For detailed information, please refer to the pictures below

✅3 flavors to choose from

1. Vitamin C Luo Han Guo sugar-free lollipop – Loquat Pear Flavor

2. Vitamin C Lutein Ester Sugar-Free Lollipop – Blueberry Cranberry Flavor

3. Vitamin C natural carotene – Sweet Orange Apple Flavor

✅0 sugar formula

A little tool for coaxing babies that won’t hurt your teeth

✅Food-grade paper sticks can be chewed, making eating safer

No need to prick the mouth, no dirty hands, easy to bite

✅Independent small packaging

One cup at a time can satisfy your craving but not too much

Additional Information

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 5.00 × 5.00 × 5.00 cm



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