Momzoom High Calcium Mlik Tablet萌天天小朋友原味小奶贝

Momzoom High Calcium Mlik Tablet萌天天小朋友原味小奶贝


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日常哄娃就选它呗~~ 伤心的时候,生气恼怒,开心的时候都可以给宝宝来一个哄哄娃娃们~~
√ 高钙小零食。
√ 开袋即食, 口含或拒绝。
√ 80%新西兰进口乳粉。
√ 不腥不黏牙,不长小蛀牙。
√ 木糖醇代替蔗糖,只有一点甜。
(**木糖醇不是糖,而是一种来源于果蔬谷类中的天然甜味物质,不易引起肥胖和血糖变哦~~ )
√ 我们的配料宝宝吃的放心。(不含植脂末、香精、葡萄糖、防腐剂、人工色素、蔗糖)
√ 低聚果糖 FOS 益生元,调理肠道菌群,增强免疫力。
√ 便携小袋,防潮自封条。
(奶贝主要的成分是乳粉,较易受潮。 为了保证产品品质,我们特别在每小袋中加了一小包干燥剂,请不要误会哦~~)


1. 本产品含有乳及乳制品,过敏者请谨慎购买哦~。

【High Calcium Milk Tablet】
Choose it to coax your baby every day~~ When you are sad, you are angry and angry, and when you are happy, you can give your baby a coax baby~~
√ High calcium snacks.
√ Eat right out of the bag, swallow or refuse.
√ 80% milk powder imported from New Zealand.
√ No fishy, no sticky teeth, no small cavities.
√ Xylitol replaces sucrose, only a little sweet.
(**Xylitol is not sugar, but a natural sweet substance derived from fruits, vegetables and cereals, which is not easy to
cause obesity and blood sugar changes~~)
√ Our ingredients are safe for babies to eat. (Free of non-dairy creamer, flavor, glucose, preservatives, artificial colors,
√ Fructooligosaccharide FOS prebiotic, regulates intestinal flora and enhances immunity.
√ Portable pouch, moisture-proof self-sealing strip.
(The main ingredient of milk shell is milk powder, which is more susceptible to moisture. In order to ensure the quality
of the product, we specially add a small packet of desiccant to each small bag, please do not misunderstand~~)

Whole milk powder (≥40%), skim milk powder (≥40%), xylitol, fructooligosaccharides

【Allergenic substances】
1. This product contains milk and dairy products, please purchase with caution if you are allergic to it.

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