Momzoom Cod Fish Seaweed Crispy萌天天小朋友炭烧鳕鱼海苔脆

Momzoom Cod Fish Seaweed Crispy萌天天小朋友炭烧鳕鱼海苔脆


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宝宝在成长的过程中,零食是真的少不了。 小小的一口零食能给宝宝带来大大的快乐 ~ 我们希望能给宝宝带来更健康的零食。海苔脆,兼具美味与健康,非常适合宝宝的健康零食~ 主要是海苔和谷物,鱼肉,虾等组合而成,营养美味无负担~~~~~~
√ 香脆可口又营养, 来自大海の鲜味。
√ 优质条斑紫菜(为宝宝每一口更营养,选择紫菜好原料。)
√ 非油炸更安心。
√ 鳕鱼肉质细腻新嫩,经过碳烤后自然甘甜,鲜而不腻。


1. 过敏原提示 : 含有糙米、虾和海鲜制品。

【Cod Fish Seaweed Crispy】
As babies grow up, snacks are really indispensable. Small bites of snacks can bring a lot of happiness to your baby ~ We hope to bring healthier snacks to your baby. The seaweed is crispy, delicious and healthy, very suitable for healthy snacks for babies~ It is mainly composed of seaweed and grains, fish, shrimp, etc. It is nutritious and delicious~~~~~~
√ Crispy, delicious and nutritious, with the umami from the sea.
√ High-quality striped seaweed (for the baby, every bite is more nutritious, choose a good raw material for seaweed.)
√ Safer than frying.
√ The meat of cod is delicate and tender. It is naturally sweet after being charcoal-grilled, fresh and not greasy.

Cod fillet (surimi cod, salt, trehalose, starch), glucose, trehalose, seaweed
*The salt in the ingredient list comes from the brown rice cake and cod fillet, no additional salt is added during processing.

【Allergenic substances】
1. Contains brown rice, shrimp and seafood products.

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Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 3.00 × 3.00 × 3.00 cm

Cod Fish Seaweed


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