Momzoom Cheese Sesame Powder萌天天小朋友奶酪芝麻粉

Momzoom Cheese Sesame Powder萌天天小朋友奶酪芝麻粉


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√ 配料纯净。
√ 不额外添加盐,添加剂。
√ 优质奶酪粉(浓缩牛奶精华,含有丰富的蛋白质、钙、脂肪、磷和维生素等营养成分。
√ 定量分装,3.5g 一袋,保鲜又方便。

√ 粥、饭的好搭档。
√ 可在菜品上撒上本品。
√ 面团中加入本品,变身芝麻馒头。
√ 可在面包或蛋糕上撒上本品。

白芝麻粉, 干酪粉


1. 本品中含有干酪粉、白芝麻粉、初次食用少量加入观察宝宝无不良反应后逐渐增加;
2. 天然芝麻富含油脂,碾磨成粉状后会有少量粘黏现象,属于正常现象请放心食用;
3. 本品为粉末状,食用时请与脸部保持距离,避免吸入气管中。

【Cheese Sesame Powder】
The little secret to make your baby fall in love with eating~~
√ The ingredients are pure.
√ No additional salt or additives are added.
√ High-quality cheese powder (concentrated milk essence, rich in nutrients such as protein, calcium, fat, phosphorus
and vitamins.
√ Quantitative packaging, 3.5g per bag, fresh and convenient.

【How to eat】
√ A good partner for porridge and rice.
√ This product can be sprinkled on dishes.
√ Add this product to the dough to transform into sesame steamed buns.
√ This product can be sprinkled on bread or cakes.

Cheese Powder , White Sesame Powder

【Allergy Information】
This product contains sesame seeds and cheese.

【Gentle Reminder】
1. This product contains cheese powder, white sesame powder, add a small amount for the first time to observe the
baby without adverse reactions and gradually increase;
2. Natural sesame seeds are rich in oil and oil. After grinding into powder, there will be a small amount of stickiness. It
is a normal phenomenon, please rest assured to eat;
3. This product is in powder form, please keep a distance from your face when eating to avoid inhalation into the

Additional Information

Weight 0.22 kg
Dimensions 4.00 × 4.00 × 4.00 cm



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