Momzoom Baby Cutie Biscuit萌天天小朋友奇趣小饼干

Momzoom Baby Cutie Biscuit萌天天小朋友奇趣小饼干


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√ 不乱添加,美味更放心。(不含香精、食用盐、色素、防腐剂)
√ 选用新西兰的全脂乳粉。
√ 尺寸小巧, 容易抓握。
√ 小袋包装,方便取用。



1. 若给吞咽动作还没有完全习惯的婴幼儿喂食饼干,请务必在一旁照看至其食用完毕。
2. 若给婴幼儿喂食饼干,当婴幼儿横卧或背在背上时,请勿让其食用,以避免呛入气管。
3. 食用量建议:每天食用10~30g , 根据食用情况做适当调整。

【Baby Cutie Biscuit】
Baby Cutie Biscuit is a good snacks for baby, each one is delicious!
√ No random addition, delicious taste is more assured. (No flavor, salt, coloring, preservatives)
√ Use whole milk powder from New Zealand.
√ Small size, easy to hold.
√ Packed in pouches for easy access.

Wheat Flour, Rock Sugar, Refined Vegetable Oil, Whole Milk Powder, Starch, Egg, Glucose Syrup, Ammonium Bicarbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Calcium Carbonate, Ferric Pyrophosphate, Capryl Gluconate, Thiamine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B1)

【Allergy Information】
This product contains wheat bran products, dairy products, and egg products. This production line also processes products containing soy products and nut products. Please use with caution if you are allergic to them.

【Gentle Reminder】
1. If you feed biscuits to infants and young children who are not fully accustomed to swallowing, please be sure to
watch them until they finish eating.
2. If feeding biscuits to infants and young children, do not let them eat when they are lying on their backs or on their
backs to avoid choking into the trachea.
3. Suggested consumption: consume 10~30g per day, and make appropriate adjustments according to the
consumption situation.

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