Momzoom Baby Abalone Oyster Sauce萌天天小朋友鲍汁蚝油

Momzoom Baby Abalone Oyster Sauce萌天天小朋友鲍汁蚝油


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宝宝不爱吃饭吗? 选梦天天的鲍汁蚝油是专为宝宝设计又纯又鲜的鲍汁蚝油, 宝宝绝对从此爱上吃饭~~
√ 多于60%的鲍汁蚝汁添加量。
√ 颜色【蚝】正!! 不添加焦糖色。
√ 【蚝】顺滑啊~~~~
√ 小瓶容量,不易坏~~ 保存新鲜, 更完美。


2. 未开封可常温保存。 开封食用后,务必盖紧瓶盖,并且及时清洁瓶口残留,并放入冰箱冷藏,以防存储不当出现发霉

【Baby Abalon Oyster Sauce】
Does your baby not like to eat? Mengtian’s Abalone Sauce is a pure and fresh abalone oyster sauce specially designed for babies. Babies will definitely fall in love with eating from now on~~
√ More than 60% of abalone and oyster sauce added.
√ The color [Oyster] is correct! ! No caramel color added.
√ 【Oyster】Smooth~~~~
√ Small bottle capacity, not easy to break~~ Preserve fresh, more perfect.

Abalone juice (abalone, drinking water, salt), oyster juice (oyster, drinking water, salt), sugar, drinking water, wheat starch, salt, xanthan gum

【Gentle Reminder】
1. This product contains 60% oyster sauce and abalone sauce. Those who are allergic to seafood should consume it
with caution.
2. Unopened can be stored at room temperature. After opening and eating, be sure to close the bottle cap tightly, clean
the bottle mouth in time, and put it in the refrigerator to prevent mildew caused by improper storage.

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Dimensions 4.00 × 4.00 × 4.00 cm



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