Mommyj Pure Rice Puffs宝宝有机纯米饼

Mommyj Pure Rice Puffs宝宝有机纯米饼


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Recommended for 6 months old and above

3 ways of consuming it :
– Healthy baby snack
– Add hot water turning it to rice cereal
– Add milk as a healthy breakfast cereal

✔MommyJ® insists on using the purest and simple natural ingredients to make the most natural and healthy baby's snacks.

✔Made from only 3 original ingredients: 1) white rice + 2) brown rice + 3) pure apples / pure bananas / pure blueberries.

Non-fried (X heaty)
Non-baked (Minimise loss of nutrient)

✔ Safe Finger Food
Specially made in STAR shape with gap between the 4 corners to ensure there is space in the esophagus/airway to allow air to pass through easily.

✔ Easily dissolves and melts in baby’s mouth.

✔ SGS lab tested – Quality Assured
Test result is Zero heavy metal.


❌ 选择宝宝米饼,99%的妈妈都会犯的错 。

就是认为 以自己口味选择,才是给宝宝最好吃的




妈妈们在给宝宝选择饼干或米饼时,需要 从宝宝的身体角度去考虑,注意配料表,以越纯,越天然的原食材为佳。


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Weight 0.20 kg
Dimensions 1.00 × 1.00 × 1.00 cm

Blueberry蓝莓, Apple苹果, Banana香蕉


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