MommyJ Premium Red Palm Fruit Oil优质红棕果油

MommyJ Premium Red Palm Fruit Oil优质红棕果油


Fruit Oil
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MommyJ Premium Red Palm Fruit Oil is extremely rich in Vitamin A ( carotenoids) good for the eyes, it plays a vital role in the development of the nervous system, brain and eyes.

It is also rich in vitamin E. Its main function is antioxidant, which helps reduce inflammation and helps adjust immunity.

It has many health benefits for baby 6 months above; kids; as well as mummy during pregnancy & lactation period. It also contain other nutrients such as phytosterol , Omega 3-6-9, Enzyme Q10, Lecithin, Squalene which are important for child’s brain & health development.

💪🏻 With excellent thermal stability of 230’c 🔥 makes it great choice for frying, sautéing, baking , salad dressing, or even drizzle on on kid’s meal.

Recommended for :
✔️ Baby 6 months old & above
✔️ Pregnancy
✔️ Lactating Mother

Helps maintain :
✔️ Nerves system
✔️ Immune system
✔️ Brain development
✔️ Improve eczema
✔️ Breast milk quality
✔️ Maternal Anemia
✔️ Constipation relief
✔️ Good vision
✔️ Zero cholesterol

How to use?
✔️ Directly drip on baby’s cereal , porridge, meal etc.
✔️ Salad dressing
✔️ Cooking – stir fry, sauté , steam, fry etc
✔️ Baking
MommyJ 优质红棕油 :

▪️富含维生素A 和胡萝卜素(Carotenoids) 对一家大小尤,其是宝宝的神经系统,头脑,眼睛的发育,都起到至关重要的作用。

▪️有丰富的维生素 E,主要功能为抗氧化,帮助减低发炎,有助调整免疫力。


💪🏻 具有沸点为 230’c 🔥 的热稳定性,MommyJ优质红棕油是在日常食用油的绝佳选择。

推荐给 :
✔️ 辅食宝宝6个月以上
✔️ 孕妇
✔️ 哺乳妈妈

有助于 :
✔️ 神经系统
✔️ 免疫力
✔️ 头脑发育
✔️ 减低发炎
✔️ 母乳品质提升
✔️ 产妇贫血
✔️ 缓解便秘
✔️ 健康眼睛
✔️ 零胆固醇

✔️ 可以直接滴几滴在宝宝糊,粥,膳食里
✔️ 凉拌
✔️ 任何烹饪方式 – 炒,煎,蒸,炸, 焖,炖,烤 等
✔️ 烘培

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Fruit Oil

Red Palm Fruit Oil


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