Korea Bebefood Seasoned Laver Flakes宝宝福德拌饭海苔丝

Korea Bebefood Seasoned Laver Flakes宝宝福德拌饭海苔丝


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This is one of my favourite, yummy, convenient and have varieties of rich nutrients. Simply mix with rice and I’m sure you’ll ask for more. It’s HOT SELLING!!!

🔹As usual, it uses only NATURAL ingredients
❌ preservative
❌ artificial additive

📝What’s in it❓
Laver 80%, organic canola oil 5.5%,
shiitake mushroom powder 3%, kelp powder 3%, sesame oil 2%, organic sugar 1.6%,
roasted sesame 1.5%, shrimp powder 1%,
soya powder 1%, refined salt 1.4%

🔹It’s especially produced for babies as young as 10 month-old. It’s reduced in fat and sodium compared to the normal ones. It will be very handy when mummy has limited time to prepare for meal. Sometimes, I eat this with rice too when I’m too busy to get myself lunch.

📌Keeping method and caution
✔️Avoid an area with direct sunlight or humidity and keep in a cool or well-ventilated place.
✔️In order to avoid getting soggy as easily after opening the bag, please keep remaining lavers in closed containers and keep refrigerated.

✳️Rm25/pack 30g
✳️Suitable for 10 months & above

~ 宝宝福德拌饭海苔丝 ~






✳️Rm25/包 30g

Additional Information

Weight 0.10 kg
Dimensions 1.00 × 1.00 × 1.00 cm



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