Kemy Bebe Grain & Little Grain宝宝有机蔬果多谷棒

Kemy Bebe Grain & Little Grain宝宝有机蔬果多谷棒


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One box includes 8 packs x 5g
Suitable for 9 months or above.

Calcium-Rich Baby Grain Snacks
Made with pesticide-free Korean grains but minus the artificial additives for your child.

It is vitally important for your child to get enough calcium on a daily basis. A child’s body is most capable of absorbing calcium during their “bone-forming years”, which is needed to build peak bone mass. 

KEMY Kids Little Grain snacks contain STEP1 Enriched Nutrition with 365mg of Calcium (CA+) per pack for essential growth. This zero trans fat snack is non-fried but baked and individually packed, its grab shape is also designed to help develop fine motor skills while encouraging baby-led weaning, simply perfect for babies 9 months old and above.

Made from a delightful blend of 7 pesticide-free grains including brown rice, white rice, glutinous barley, sorghum, glutinous rice, black bean and black rice, plus Korean corn.

Why Choose KEMY Kids Little Grain?
* Made with Korean pesticide-free grains with corn
* Contains 365mg of Calcium (CA+) per pack for essential growth
* Non-fried and 0g Trans Fat 
* NO additives and preservatives 
* Easy individual packaging for added convenience
* Made in Korea

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