Ivenet Probiotics Yogurt Drink艾唯倪乳酸菌优格

Ivenet Probiotics Yogurt Drink艾唯倪乳酸菌优格


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**To Storage
– Avoid direct sunlight and store in a cool place.
– After opening the product, be sure to refrigerate it and consume it as soon as possible.

– Be careful not to injure the edge of the opening.
– If you have a specific constitution or an allergic constitution, check the ingredients before consuming.
– Precipitation may occur due to the nature of the product, but it is a unique ingredient of the raw material, so shake it easily.

Ivenet Probiotics Yogurt Drink 益生菌乳酪飲品
✔️Sweet and sour cheese flavor comes from natural fruits
✔️No added artificial sweeteners, colorings, synthetic fragrances
✔️HACCP certified products
✔️Contains dietary fiber and added probiotics to promote baby’s intestinal health
✔️Enriched in vitamin D, helps the baby’s bone growth
✔️Safe twist cover, not easy to overflow
✔️Drinking tube design, convenient for babies to drink as soon as they are opened
✔️Suitable for making specialty drinks with fruits, and can be refrigerated to make ice bars in summer

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Dimensions 1.00 × 1.00 × 1.00 cm

Yogurt Drink


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