Ivenet Bebe Lactobacillus Salt艾唯倪宝宝乳酸菌湖盐

Ivenet Bebe Lactobacillus Salt艾唯倪宝宝乳酸菌湖盐


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– First soft salt for building baby’s taste and eating habits .
– Enriched Kimchi probiotics based on pure and cleaned Australian lake salt
– Added vegetable seaweed calcium for baby’s formation of frame and intestine

Ingredients: Lactic Acid Bacteria Bio Salt (Lake Salt) 99.5%[Lake Salt 97.9% (Australian), Lactic Acid Bacteria Medium 2%, Leuconostoc Citreum0.1%], Seaweed Calcium

Suggested Use: Keep in a cool, well ventilated place, avoiding direct sunlight or high temperature and humidity place. Seal and keep after use.

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