Ivenet Bebe Cookie Ball艾唯倪宝宝饼干球

Ivenet Bebe Cookie Ball艾唯倪宝宝饼干球


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Korean traditional cookie
Mild snack made of Korean glutinous rice~

Ferment the glutinous rice dough for seven days and not fry it in oil but baked. Don’t have to worry about Trans fat and it’s finger food type snack!
Convenient to store as a 2 unit inner packaging!

For baby 6m+, 20g, Ball Type, Trans Fatt Free, Melt Away
•Baby rice crispy ball baked with sticky rice, no fried
•Ripen sticky rice dough for 10days and baked
•Trans fat free Finger food baby rice crispy ball, not fried
•Mild and tasty!

Ingredients: Glutinous rice (Korean) 95%, Brown rice (Korean) 5%

Suggested Use:
Keep in a cool, well ventilated place, avoiding direct sunlight or high temperature and humidity place.

Adult should watch for younger baby as he is not good in melting snacks in the mouth. Do not feed when your baby lies down or rides on the back of somebody. Be sure to check whether your baby has any allergic reactions with this snack.

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Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 1.00 × 1.00 × 1.00 cm

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