Ildong Baby Seaweed Crispy 宝宝夹心海苔脆

Ildong Baby Seaweed Crispy 宝宝夹心海苔脆


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– 非油炸

– 四次烘烤,更健康的饼干。

– 含DHA

– 方便婴儿自己抓取和吃的大小


烤芝麻 44.37%、干海藻 27.12%、糖浆(大米 96.7%、麦芽、酵素)、白砂糖、低聚果糖、DHA 粉 1.4%、米糠油


烤椰子 49.46%、海藻 24.73%、谷物糖浆、精制糖、低聚果糖、碳酸钙 1.08%、糙米油


– Four times baked, more healthy cookie.

– Contain DHA

– Handy in size for babies to grab and eat by themselves

Ingredients (White Sesame):

Roasted Sesame 44.37%, Dry Seaweed 27.12%, Syrup (Rice 96.7%, Malt, Enzyme), White Sugar, Oligosaccharide Fructose, DHA Powder 1.4%, Rice Bran Oil

Ingredients (Coconut):

Roasted Coconut 49.46%, Seaweed 24.73%, Grain Syrup, Refined Sugar, Oligosaccharide Fructose, Calcium Carbonate 1.08%, Brown Rice Oil

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Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 5.00 × 5.00 × 5.00 cm

WhiteSesame, Coconut


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