Ibobomi NFC Apple Juice 宝宝纯天然苹果汁

Ibobomi NFC Apple Juice 宝宝纯天然苹果汁


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All products are 100% genuine and freshly imported from Korea. 

✅ 99% of mothers will choose Ibobomi for babies so that mothers can have a peace of mind while baby is snacking on Ibobomi ❤️ 

NFC means ‘Not From Concentrate’. All fresh apples are carefully selected and hand-picked from apple trees, then go through low-speed masticating juicer to produce higher quality juice without destroying heat sensitive vitamin. Fresh apple juice instantly packed into the packaging without go through the freezing process, which can preserve more nutrient from the fresh apples!

 ⭐ Made from carefully selected ingredients

⭐ 100% Korea ingredients (100% Korea Apple)

⭐ SGS certified microorganism & heavy metal-free


⭐ Mycotoxin Free

⭐ Vegan

⭐ Contain no artificial colouring, flavouring or preservatives 

Korea Ibobomi NFC Apple Juice is suitable for babies over six (6) months. 

It is an additives-free natural fruit juice. Perfect for babies just started on solids.

All IBOBOMI products are clinically-tested and safe for consumption. As there are no added preservatives, our product’s shelf life is ONE YEAR from the manufacturing date. 

Ingredients: 100% Korea apple

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