Deer Blue Rice Puff–小鹿蓝蓝小胖兵泡芙

Deer Blue Rice Puff–小鹿蓝蓝小胖兵泡芙


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小鹿蓝蓝 小胖兵泡芙-鳕鱼味/草莓味6+宝宝零食

✅强化钙和维生素B1 赢在黄金发育期
✅健康非油炸,不上火 入口即化,不卡喉
✅认证资质,符合国家婴幼儿食品标准,更营养 更健康 更高标准,是麻麻给宝宝最佳的选择……


Deer Blue Rice Puffs/Cod Fish Flavor 6m+ Baby Puff Cereal Snacks 小鹿蓝蓝 小胖兵泡芙/鳕鱼味6m+宝宝零食

👍Really no added finger snacks, suitable for infants 6 months and above
❌No salt added
❌No coloring added
❌No added flavor enhancer
❌No preservatives added
❌No flavor added
❌No added white sugar
✅Add natural coconut oil to make it more fragrant
✅Natural grains + Atlantic deep sea cod meat
✅Fortified calcium and vitamin B1 win in the golden development period
✅Healthy, not fried
✅Certified qualification, in line with the national infant and young child food standards, more nutritious and healthier. Higher standards, it is the best choice for Ma Ma to give babies…
✅42g/box 7sachets

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Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 1.00 × 1.00 × 1.00 cm

Cod Fish鳕鱼味, Strawberry草莓味


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