Deer Blue Baby Puff小鹿蓝蓝婴幼儿泡芙条

Deer Blue Baby Puff小鹿蓝蓝婴幼儿泡芙条


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小鹿蓝蓝:婴幼儿泡芙条 42g



✅ 产地:中国






✅ 》33%野生鲜活红虾,虾肉饱满甜糯


✅2cm 小条状,训练抓握,激活想象力


Flavor: Shrimp, Cheese

✅Product name: Deer Blue Blue-Baby Puffs

✅ Place of Origin: China

✅Net content: 42g/can

✅Shelf life: 12 months

✅Suitable for age: 6 months and above

✅Thailand good farming jasmine rice, the rice is more fragrant

✅Selected Danish good cheese

✅ 》33% wild fresh red shrimp, the shrimp is plump and sweet and glutinous

✅Fortified calcium iron zinc and vitamin B

✅2cm small strip, training grasp, activate imagination

Locked fresh canned, airtight protection, more intimate packaging.

Additional Information

Weight 0.18 kg
Dimensions 5.00 × 5.00 × 5.00 cm

Cheese, Shrimp


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