Deer Blue Baby Black Sesame Seaweed Sandwich 小鹿蓝蓝黑芝麻夹心海苔

Deer Blue Baby Black Sesame Seaweed Sandwich 小鹿蓝蓝黑芝麻夹心海苔


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🌈宝宝夹心海苔 美味藏在❤️


💗A级紫菜不仅口感高级 营养价值也更丰富,真正适合宝宝的

💖安心好工艺 采用烘烤非油炸

💗营养香脆好滋味 黑芝麻夹心

💗出游好伴侣 哄娃小零食


40g/罐 大约20片





Deer Blue Seaweed sandwich crispy

💗Choose Grade A organic Seaweed

💗A-grade seaweed not only tastes high-quality, but also has richer nutritional value, which is really suitable for babies

💖Good craftsmanship with peace of mind, using baking and not frying

💗Nutritious, crispy, good taste, black sesame sandwich

💗Good companion for traveling, coax baby snacks

Suitable for babies 12 months old and above

40g/can about 20 pieces

1.  black sesame seaweed 

New Launching: Deer Blue

💙Brand Introduction💙

Deer Blue is a professional internet baby food brand owned by Three Squirrels, headquartered in Wuhu, Anhui. The Fawn Blue product line covers all-age babies from 6 months to 14 years old, and spans multiple categories such as baby food supplements, snacks, seasonings, staple foods, and nutritional products. At the same time, Xiaolulan launches one-size-for-one snacks, which are safe and traceable.

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