Ddoddomam Juice宝宝健康蔬果汁

Ddoddomam Juice宝宝健康蔬果汁


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High quality juices made from fisrt cold extraction of fruit

-HACCP certified

-NFC juicing technology to retain the nutrients & sweeteness of fresh ingredients

-No water added

-No sugar added (Natural sweeteness from fruits & veggies)

-No preservatives & additives

DDODDOMAM NFC Juice Pear & Balloon Flower

Ingredients: Korean pear 82%,Korean balloon flower 10%, Korean sponge gourd, Korean ginger.

DDODDOMAM NFC Juice Carrot & Apple 

Ingredients: Korean apple 5.48%, Korean pesticide-free carot 45.3%, orange extraction, white grape concentration, vitamin C, citric acid, cassia seed, marigold. 

DDODDOMAM NFC Juice Prune & Apple & Plum

Ingredients: Prune juice concentrate, apple juice, banana juice concentrate, organic cabbage extract, red plum extract, citric acid, mixed probiotics alpha

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Weight 0.10 kg
Dimensions 4.00 × 4.00 × 4.00 cm

CarrotApple-1pack, PruneApplePlum-1pack, PearBalloon-1pack, CarrotApple-5pack, PruneApplePlum-5pack, PearBalloon-5pack


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