Chila Vegetable Puree 儿食乐蔬果米泥 4M+

Chila Vegetable Puree 儿食乐蔬果米泥 4M+


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儿食乐【蔬果米泥是结合蔬果🎃 +台湾道地特选白米磨成的~】


🔸南瓜 保护眼睛 | 增加抵抗力
🔸紫甜薯 花青素大王| 抗氧化 | 抗癌圣品
🔸紫山药 补肺气 | 保护人体消化器官

✨其实宝宝这么小的时候出门,有时妈咪都因为懒惰,直接泡奶代替一餐~但有了蔬果米泥其实外出吃副食品变得相当容易!而且比起一般市售米精,蔬果米泥添加了南瓜,胡萝卜,紫山药,黄甜薯,紫甜薯等不同的蔬果,除了给宝宝 #练习吞咽咀嚼外,营养更多分。小小的铝袋包装,又轻又是常温好携带,份量适合食量还不大的宝宝,而且它的吃法更简单了!食用方法建议:

1. 包装倒入碗里
2. 加入约80毫升的70度开水或牛奶
3. 搅拌均匀后即可食用。

Chila Baby Puree【combination of fruits, vegetables 🎃+white rice from Taiwan~】

✨suitable for 4months & above baby (ready for complementary feeding period)

🔎Why mommy should choose Chila Puree ?
✅Chila’s baby food with all-natural ingredients!
✅Each meal is packed with nutrients and prepared meticulously for the little ones.
✅Pure food with no beautification, no preservatives, no flavouring and colouring agents, and even no spices!
✅Safe and hygienic as it is stored in sealed aluminium bags.
✅Pureed fruits and vegetables are full of nutrients.
✅Small package is easy to bring around.
✅Smooth texture for easy swallowing.

🔥🔎Three different flavor options with different nutrition to choose from

🔸Pumpkin- Good for the eyes | Boost the immune system
🔸Purple Sweet Potato – Rich in anthocyanins | Antioxidant | Anti-cancer
🔸Purple Yam – Good for lungs and digestive systems

*1box include 10 pack*

✨When bringing babies who are still young out, mommies must find it troublesome to prepare solid food for them. As a result, they tend to choose formula milk for their babies. However, with Chila’s fruit-and-vegetable purée, preparing solid food is now made easier! Unlike the baby rice cereal that is available on the market, Chila’s baby purée is added with different types of vegetables, ranging from pumpkin, carrot, purple yam, sweet potato, purple sweet potato and many other vegetables. This will not only give babies the right nutrients that they need, but also the opportunity to practice swallowing. Not only that, the small aluminium packages are easy to bring around as they are lightweight and can be stored at room temperature. It also holds the right amount of food for babies’ appetite. It is even easier to prepare it! Just follow the recommended steps:

1.Pour it into a bowl.
2.Add 80ml of hot milk or water (70°C).
3.Stir and mix well before consuming.

**The volume of water can be altered to change the consistency of the puree.

🌈Chila is a food manufacturing company located in Taiwan. With over 5 years of experience, Chila specialises in producing food for children from 4 months old up to 6 years old and to create beautiful childhood memories for them by satisfying their appetite with pure food.

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Pumpkin南瓜, SweetPotato紫甜薯, PurpleYam紫山药


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