Baby Yogurt Wafer Biscuit 秋田满满婴幼儿酸奶威化饼干

Baby Yogurt Wafer Biscuit 秋田满满婴幼儿酸奶威化饼干


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(Ready Stock)秋田满满  婴幼儿威化饼干酸奶味33g  10m+

保 质 期:10个月


净含量 :33g, 10小袋

➢ 精选好料黑龙江大米,阳光小麦,橄榄油

➢ 橄榄油对婴幼儿的发育即为适宜,其基本脂肪酸的比例于母乳的成分相似

➢ No白砂糖,No 食用盐,No 色素,No 防腐剂,No 香精

➢ 多种吃法,直接吃,泡着吃

➢含 维生素B , 钙

(Ready Stock) QTMM Baby Wafer Biscuit Yogurt Flavor 33g 10m+

Shelf life: 10 months

Suitable for the crowd: babies over 10 months old

Net content: 33g, 10 sachets

➢ Selected good ingredients Heilongjiang rice, sunshine wheat, olive oil

➢ Olive oil is suitable for the development of infants and young children, and the proportion of essential fatty acids is similar to that of breast milk

➢ No white sugar, No edible salt, No coloring, No preservatives, No essence

➢ A variety of ways to eat, eat directly, eat soaked

➢Contains vitamin B, calcium

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