Baby Organic High Iron Rice Cereal 秋田满满 有机高铁宝宝米粉

Baby Organic High Iron Rice Cereal 秋田满满 有机高铁宝宝米粉


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秋田满满 有机高铁宝宝米粉 225g 6m+

保 质 期:18个月




第一口米粉:添加了二价铁搭配Vit C 让宝宝吸收率跟高

宝宝味觉开发期:选择1段苹果胡萝卜味(Vit D+钙)适合6m+以上宝宝

锻炼宝宝咀嚼力:选2段藜麦谷薯味(Vit A+锌)适合7m+以上宝宝

QTMM Organic High Iron Baby Rice Cereal 225g 6m+

Shelf life: 18 months

Suitable for the crowd: 6 months and above

➢Dad’s sampling inspection partners from raw materials, production process, product quality and other multi-dimensional sampling inspections, passed professional inspections

➢Organic rice noodles, 0 additives, clean ingredients

The first bite of rice noodles: added ferrous iron and Vit C to make the baby’s absorption rate higher

Babies’ taste development period: choose 1 apple and carrot flavor (Vit D+ calcium) suitable for babies above 6m+

Exercise your baby’s chewing ability: choose 2 quinoa grain potato flavors (Vit A+zinc) suitable for babies above 7m+

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Weight 0.35 kg
Dimensions 5.00 × 5.00 × 5.00 cm

Original, AppleCarrot, QuinoaSweetPotato


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