Baby High Calcium Corn Biscuit秋田满满高钙玉米泡饼

Baby High Calcium Corn Biscuit秋田满满高钙玉米泡饼


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秋田满满 高钙玉米泡饼  120g/4小袋

保 质 期:10个月





➢高钙配方,维生素B1, 100g含钙量240mg



QTMM : High Calcium Corn Biscuit 120g/4 Sachets

Shelf life: 10 months

Suitable for the crowd: Babies over 12 months

➢ Soak corn, the fiber promotes peristalsis and enhances immunity

➢ High in vitamins, good nutrient absorption

➢ Refuse to add preservatives, 0 sucrose, no flavor, no coloring, no edible salt, no white sugar

➢High calcium formula, vitamin B1, 100g calcium content 240mg

➢ Never fry, bake at low temperature

➢Eat dry or soaked, you can choose. Take a bite, full of corn flavor

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Weight 0.18 kg
Dimensions 4.00 × 4.00 × 4.00 cm



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