Baby Freeze Dried Instant Congee Porridge宝宝馋了即食粥 辅食粥

Baby Freeze Dried Instant Congee Porridge宝宝馋了即食粥 辅食粥


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(Ready Stock)宝宝馋了 冻干即食面粥 24g 6m+

保 质 期: 9个月


净含量 :24g/2小袋

储存方式 : 阴凉,通风干燥处避开光

一餐均匀配比, 5-10 种谷物蔬菜 真是材料


    1. 将本品放入碗中

    2. 倒入沸水,边倒水边搅拌(可根据宝宝喜好的浓稠度调整水量)

    3. 静置至适宜的温度即可食用


FD 冻干工艺,锁住原有的营养好味

(Ready Stock) BBCL Baby Freeze Dried Instant Noodle Congee Porridge 24g 10m+

Shelf life: 9 months

Suitable for the crowd: babies over 6-12 months

Net content:24g/ 2 sachets

Storage method: in a cool, ventilated and dry place away from light

An even meal ratio, 5-10 kinds of grains and vegetables are really ingredients

 3-step brewing, just like cooking

1. Put this product in a bowl

2. Pour boiling water and stir while pouring water (the amount of water can be adjusted according to the consistency of the baby’s preference)

3. Let stand to a suitable temperature and serve immediately

Fortified calcium iron zinc VB1

FD freeze-drying process, lock the original nutrition and good taste

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Weight 0.18 kg
Dimensions 3.00 × 4.00 × 5.00 cm

CodFishMushroom-8M+, PorkLiverSpiach-8M+, SalmonLeanMeat-10M+, CodFishLeanMeat-10M+, SalmonCarrot-12M+, LeanMeatMushroom-12M+, CodFishShrimp-12M+, BeefYam-12M+, BeefPumpkinMillet-8M+, LeanMeatPotatoQuinoa-8M+


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